The Connected Roots Film

Four characters
caught in the day-to-day struggle to survive.
Security, stability - that’s what they think is important when taking a corporate job, finding work to pay bills, living on & off grid, maintaining a stable “sort of” home life. But each of the four has an urge to go toward greater purpose as they follow individual paths to “the rig” in the film.

Enter the trapeze, a force of nature that beckons and pulls them in. As they leave the city for the woods, the weight of their lives is shed, step after step.

Aspen trees appear, where real connected roots go on forever - a different kind of grid - one that has a heart, pulsing and beating under the rig. The trapeze and Aspen trees together call the four in the film to dare to go beyond their familiar.

The trapeze is only metal, net & ropes structure, but when the four approach, it animates.
Something mesmerizes. A relationship starts to brew.

In the film, the trapeze becomes the giver of life and meaning but equally the maker of pain and doubt. As the characters are called from their daily lives where habits entrain them, they morph into the artists they long to be. They are ready to connect with the force of the trapeze.

Our costumes reflect the lifeblood of this new relationship - they are crimson red.
Our choreography reflects the motion - fluid, circulatory.
Our visuals reflect a pulsation - trees, leaves, swings, ropes, all vibe-ing.
Throughout the film, we acknowledge our place in the timeline of flying trapeze.

Unique Stories

Trapeze is historically performative, but the nature of performance does not match what we, as trapeze artists, experience on a day-to-day basis. We experience . . .

We’re here to bring a raw and meaningful light to trapeze. Everyone who does trapeze has a unique story, coming from different backgrounds, different economic levels, in most cases different countries. At our core, though, we are all very similar. That’s the driving force we have, something that keeps bringing us back home to the rig. We all sync up and come to deeply understand each other in profound ways. This is the most critical thread of the film.

Flying Trapeze is both an art and a sport. We want to address both. There is beautiful action and impressive physical skill shown in the film as sport. There is also a strong aesthetic narrative set in nature which becomes the art. Trapeze itself lives in the groove between the two.

The Performers

Nick - He’s disenchanted. As a new day begins, there are no new beginnings for the routine that is his life. He’s a professional, some type of pencil pusher. The pressures and demands of his job stomp his spirit and steel his purpose. Never- the - less, he has vision. If only he could fly. Where would the world take him? As Nick begins the day, he opens the door to a new beginning. Running towards his dream and leaving the past behind.. After all, he's not going that way.

Peeps - She is spirited. A dreamer, roaming through a hustling world with no urgency at all. As the sun rises, so does she with a smile on her face completely indulged in the earth. As her spirit often does, it calls her to something unknown. She has vision. Planting one foot in front of the other, she makes her way into the forest with no haste at all. Maybe something awaits her.

Jordan - He’s Curious. A wandering soul with a frontier mind. No two days are ever the same. On this particular morning, he finds himself at a skatepark as his drive for adventure and risk often leads him to tricky places. As he throws a twist he's done a million times before, he begins to feel the excitement of a new adventure. He has vision. What if he seeked what lurked just behind the trees?

Maile - She is driven. She never stops she never rests. She does however, slowdown, as she has on this morning to nurse her body back to prime condition. As is often the case with the most ambitions, recovery has been forced upon her.  In the midst of her daily therapy, she has vision. Its a message of release and strength. She can not ignore the pull towards destiny. She has the strength to pursue and so she must. What will she find when she gets there?

The Trapeze

Trapeze, the 5th and most important character in the film, is the force that brings us all together. It tugs at our heart strings significantly, in different ways, at different times. Somehow, we all find ourselves drawn to it.

Flying Trapeze is the force that makes us feel most alive. Once you truly feel that, you’re hooked. When you do something dangerous, requiring massive skill, physical technique, mental-focus and life-depending trust, over and over again with the same group of people, it transforms you.

Trapeze is about control -
you make many acute physical adjustments within milliseconds that need to come together so that everything lines up just right. Perfect timing is required while all the while flying through the air that has variables of its own.

Trapeze is about surrender - what happens in the air
trusting that your body knows what to do, trusting that the people around you will do the right thing at the right time to catch you, drop a return bar for you, help you get ready to fly. Surrender allows you to go with the flow, follow your passion, and feel a driving force that shapes you and moves you onto a new path.

Control and Surrender, side-by-side, are part of why we keep coming back to the flying trapeze. That feeling, that intangible push and pull that we all seem to understand deep down (and continue to crave) is what this film is all about. We want to share that feeling with you and with the world to bring trapeze to the forefront as an art form.

Come join us on our Pneumatic Arts YouTube Channel, November 3rd, 5:00 PM PST, to experience this firsthand!

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