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November 3, 2019 5:00 PM PST

Flying Trapeze like you've never seen it before!

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About Pneumatic Arts

We are a flying trapeze collective out to revolutionize the world of trapeze by providing an inspirational, modern, and innovative source of storytelling and entertainment. From live trapeze to circus performances to inspirational short films, workshops, and seminars, we strive to elevate the world of trapeze for all who enjoy it.

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Pneumatic Arts produced the first flying trapeze short film in August 2018 to inspire others to follow their dreams and passions through this art. We are developing a series to show the process and creation of story-driven high flying trapeze in unique cultural locations around the world. By taking this ancient art out of the tent and into places where trapeze has traditionally never been before, we motivate and captivate a broad audience by capturing the human experience through a synergy of art and nature.


The origin of our name comes from the Greek words “pnein” meaning breath and “pneuma” meaning wind. We feel this applies to our lives as well as to our art. As we fly to new heights and break through barriers, we are reminded to breathe and harness the energy that surround us. Our art is ever¬changing like the wind. Pneumatic, powered by air.


We offer a variety of different performances, workshops, and seminars based on our clients’ needs:
#1 Basic – Standard Traditional Trapeze Act. Minimal choreography with basic music and elite¬level tricks (triple or double double).
#2 Elite – Pneumatic Pre¬Created Non¬traditional Act. Theme¬driven choreography with matching music and elite¬level tricks (triple or double double).
#3 Pneuma – Customized Non¬traditional Act. Unique act created specifically for client and event needs. Theme¬driven choreography with matching music and elite¬level tricks (triple).
#4 Corporate Endorsements/Sponsorships – Pneumatic Arts is available for corporate endorsements to create specific direct advertising promotions using our customized acts.

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Regardless of your location or ability level, we are available to come and provide you with world¬class coaching. We have successfully trained flyers from their first day at school to their first day on the job and beyond, so we are both confident and competent in our coaching abilities. We focus on supporting both a flyer’s physical and mental development to create a strong foundation for success. Contact us today to schedule a workshop at your local rig, or follow us on Instagram or Facebook to get in on our early bird specials for upcoming workshops.

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Becoming an elite athlete requires both physical ability and mental fortitude. Through his lifelong process of training, experiencing successes and failures, and overcoming obstacles, Jordan Tribble has discovered some indomitable truths about expanding consciousness, letting go of fear, and pushing boundaries, which he is excited to share. Contact us today to discuss your needs and the unique program we will design to fulfill them.

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Connected Roots Film, November 3, 2019 5:00 PM PST